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“This year I again used Horizon and he continues to impress me with his approach. The connection from the 30’ steel tubing to the outside vent was again a problem and was not accessible because the basement is finished. However he made an access hole in the basement ceiling that will be covered with a grill so that any future problems with the connection may be more easily addressed and he added additional supports to the duct and outlet… if there are several units that required his services he would reduce the cost significantly from $75 plus tax he charged me for the total amount of work which took over 1 ¼ hours. “

“We've used other companies and still had dust problems. Turns out they did only the central duct! Mike did all of them and blew out our furnace filter. And he retrieved my wife's bracelet charm at no extra charge. Don't bother phoning anyone else, Mike's your best call.”

Guy Macher

St Thomas